About Design in Finland

One of the central goals of this project was to enrich the research experience of this design project through travel. As a designer, I am inspired by the research phase of design projects. For me, it is at the heart of being a good designer, particularly in the service of clients. Without solid research and a sincere interest in the lives and missions of clients, the work of design cannot be fully informed, which puts the relevance and meaning of the work at great risk.

Design and its research is also the fruit of collaboration, something else that distinguishes most art from most design; while art can legitimately be something born of the inspiration of a solo artist and his or her creativity, design rarely takes place in this isolation but instead thrives on its communicative aspects.  These include such things as message, medium, context, and audience. Designers typically do not supply projects with all of these components, and thus collaboration is necessary.

In the case of this project, I set out to design an interactive media project about Finnish design. At the heart of my interest was nature's role in Finnish design, and what this role illustrates about Finnish culture.

Featured Photo

Turku Cathedral
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