December 3, 2011 — New Work City — New York, NY

Mobilize your web content — today.

Did you know that in just a few steps, you can optimize your web site for mobile presentation on smartphones? And also use those same skills to design a native iOS app, just using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

It’s true: the web skills you already have can be used to design mobile web sites and native mobile apps. Today.

If you’re a standards-based web designer, you already know a lot about what it takes to design web sites that work predictably in a variety of different browsers. You know HTML. CSS. And maybe some JavaScript. Plus…you're a designer. You know how to design! You enjoy making content, interfaces, and user experiences satisfying and beautiful.

So if this is you, you could be using your web standards skills to design great mobile web experiences. And with the NimbleKit code framework, a featured Apple Development Tool — you can also use these same skills to design iOS apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. For yourself. Or your boss. Or your clients. And then get them into the App Store.

So whether you are interested in designing mobile web sites or iOS apps, these two workshops are for you. Because in one day, you can learn how to do both — and learn how to decide which path to take for your mobile projects depending on their needs.

Kristofer Layon
Author, The Web Designer's Guide to iOS Apps and Mobilizing Web Sites: Develop & Design
Instructor, 2 Apps Per Day

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